About the Order

Originally, the Order of the Nesur was created around 2003 as a Halo clan named the Aeon Magnums. After that, the Order has undergone a number of changes including the Aeon Kingdom, M.E.K.A, Lost Citizens, Vermiculus Galeas, Villanite Family, Viliatti Family, and likely many more that have been forgotten as of the writing of this content.

After its initial inception, the Order became a small community of social outcasts and alternative lifestyle supporters and participants. Over time, it evolved in various directions, but it has never lost its goal of giving a home to those who feel that they may not have a true home of their own.

Today, the Order is focused on becoming an internet community built around three primary pillars: Understanding, Acceptance, Comfort.

If a person is willing to understand the oddities and behaviors of those around them, accept people in the community for who they are, and feel comfortable enough to be their own true selves, then that person can easily become a member of the Order.

The Order is...

  • a gathering of like-minded adults capable of open communication and discussion.

  • a home to express/explore yourself via various mediums such as, but not limited to, writing, art, and/or streaming.

  • a community of content creators, entertainment consumers, and casual gamers.

  • a group of welcoming and accepting friends waiting to meet you.

The Order is not...

  • a gathering of gamer elitists.

  • a place to troll for random porn or cybersex.

  • going to hold our members to strict activity or participation schedules of any kind.

  • a place to pursue or start drama of any kind.

  • a democracy.

  • technically a cult...

Community Rules

  1. All members must be 18 years of age or older.

  2. These rules may be changed without warning or notice from time to time.

  3. No one in this community is obligated to interact with you, nor should you feel obligated to interact with anyone just because they are in the same community.

  4. Any and all adult-only content should be shared strictly via properly marked adult-only channels.

  5. Handling drama is solely the responsibility of members involved, community leaders will not be getting involved in any conflicts between members unless a community rule is being broken directly.

  6. Regularly inviting someone to the community who has broken the rules more than once even after they are banned will not be tolerated. Inviting a friend back after they were only kicked is acceptable, but may result in a kick of your own if that friend immediately begins to break the rules again.

  7. Any time someone breaks a rule of this community, the resulting punishment of that member will be left to the discretion of the community leader handling the situation.

  8. While we are completely okay supporting and backing gaming organizations, we strongly prefer not to promote 'elitist' cultures. We believe video games are meant to be fun, not used as tools to belittle, talk down to, or mock others.

What is the Nesur?

The Nesur is a symbol. Originally it was drawn around 2003, then professionally styled around 2010. Since its creation, the symbol has been placed on graphic art, clothing, jewelry, and even tattoos.

The meaning of the symbol can easily change from carrier to carrier. Officially speaking, however, the Nesur should be seen as a symbol used to identify people or groups of people who do their best to live their lives (even if loosely) in alignment with the Three Pillars of the Order of the Nesur mentioned in the About section of this website.

Below you can find an assortment of different uses of the nesur.